The Calculus of Love

This collection of poems is a treatise of God’s Love for mankind and mankind’s love of God.

From the moment of mankind’s awakening we have sought the purpose of all existence, and we have expounded the reasons for how and why the universe and all that exists came into being.

In the course of our purposeful observations and reasoning were the sciences born, growing into an ever expanding compendium of the collective intelligence of the human race. These have enabled us to explain the physical world and the laws which apply to the elements both seen and unseen. In addition, mankind devised new mathematical analytical methods to surmount and explain the tremendously complex laws of the universe. As a consequence we have an ever burgeoning schools of sciences that deal with all aspects of the physical world. However, we still have not been able to answer the fundamental questions “Why does the universe exist and Why are We here?”

Religions and their various prophets have tried to explain by whom and why the universe was created.  Their explanations require a great degree of Faith to understand and believe, because each set of beliefs negates the beliefs of other religions, its prophets and its adherents. To make matters worse some also exhort the conversion or the fratricide of those who do not believe in their theories or in their God and their holy books they purport were divinely inspired. But even they cannot answer the purpose of our existence while they can tell us in fearsome detail the punishment that will be exacted from unbelievers and sinners, they cannot answer the question “Why are we here on this Earth?”

These poems in this anthology will not seek to address the purpose of our existence, as the poet does not wish to venture where others have barely lifted a corner of the veil, but will rather speak about the existence and purpose of Love. They also express the existant proof of God’s eternal love for mankind, and the existence of mankind’s love for God, and the  resultant familial love we have for each other. While human love is an expression of the hormones that fire up in our brains and manifest as empathy, love and altruism, The divine love of God is far greater and more pure as it not bound by chemistry or physical laws and is far more pure, beautiful and delightful than anything we can imagine or experience in our physical manifestations. So journey with me as I delve into my experiences of Divine Love.

Charlie Bottle

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