Thou art God

Thou art GodĀ 

In this moment when darkness surrounds me,
And unsheathed hatred is all around me,
In this dark tunnel enveloping time,
In this moment I pray for your light,
For a glimmer of hope to aid my sight,

They have put rocks in my begging bowl,
As blindedly, I begged for bread to sustain my soul,
With your mercy then, inundate these wicked souls,
Let your love flood these hearts, stone cold,
And flow, into the dark corners of their souls.

In this moment when men build sand castles,
And monuments to greed and selfish hustles,
Guarding their turf, protecting their assets.
Time’s high tide washes their dreams away,
All that remains areĀ memories shared in Love.

In this moment when you hear my prayer,
No mason’s chisel dare come near thee,
To strike the rock that anchors me,
The widow’s son squares not with thee,
For your temple is in the souls of humanity.

I am Bhikshu, the one who begs daily,
Like a lamb trapped in crevassed rocks,
Cries, “God over here! Help me!
Your hand reaches down to save me,
And you, place me on higher grounds.

In this moment when your love floods my being,
Gratefully, of your goodness I sing,
For you bless me continually,
Abundantly, with your Love and Mercy,
So that all may indeed know, “Thou art God.”



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