A mirror in time

A Mirror in Time

HANDS OF TIME – HOLDING A MIRROR                                                                  Image  From http://artsvictoria.ca/art/4877/view


May destiny hand you a mirror in time,
May our reflection in time become yours,
And, as you travel the journey of our lives,
May you meet folks who ignore love, as you did,
And then by yourself and your hatred be met,
By frowning faces that grudingly greet,
And, at your approach feet cross the street.
Then meet the withdrawn hearts,
Which have overdrawn kindness.
May you will feel the nails driven cruelly,
And the crown of thorns you eagerly pressed,
So also, you feel your once given scorn,
And experience your mockery for our plight.
As you walk the darkness you created for others,
May you find there the grace of Mercy’s light.

Then in the mirror you will see,
The many lights of mercy shine,
And see the face of The Son Divine.
In mercy he forgives your wrongs,
And offers you salvation,
And from your past a redemption,
Having opened your eyes you see,
Your soul humbled to receive mercy,
His grace shall uplift and set you free,
From the shackles of your enemity,
And then flood your soul with love,
And in his holiness make you holy as he is,
So that in you his light may be,
And you dwell in his perfect mercy,
In Love and Peace for eternity.




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