It is hard to love you, my God!


It is hard to love you, my God!

It is hard to love you, my God!

Although I love you with all my heart,

It’s hard to stand still at a busy concourse,

Birds soaring to their nests in the rain,

Don’t ask “will the sun shine again?”


It is hard to love you, unspeaking, caring,

To define life’s placid moments,

Clouds float on reflecting lucid waters,

The giving of the sun to the earth,

Unconditionally it’s all and all.


Yet, it hard to love you, My God!

To love as Rome burns,

To love while the markets crash,

To love when nothing goes right,

To Love you midst the chaos.


It is hard to love you, when numbers demand,

And compare diligence and productivity,

With a chart’s datums of previous highs and lows,

Using candlesticks that never give light,

Still I love you from home to street, and street to home.


It’s hard not to love you, My God!

When the aroma of the damp earth,

After last night’s storm awakens me,

As the night stirs again to day,

And re-awakens my love for you.


I also love, cause you forget,

My many faults, and annoyances,

When you consign to History,

Yesterday’s failings and burn them,

With fragrant leaves and sweet incense.


It is easy to love you, My God!

Your face, in the faces all around me,

The joy of loving you for you,

As you love us for us,

And as you love me for me.



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