I cried a poem



Last night I cried a poem,
In metered words that flowed,
Into measured verses,
As the pain of my soul,
In sorrow unabated,
And feelings that overwhelmed,
The levees of self-control,
Inundated my eyes and soul,
In waves, as thoughts crested,
And curled, swelled and towered,
Submerging me in immense fears,
And midst the towering groundswell, I cried,
And my fears became my voice,
And my voice became words,
And words the verses,
And… you get the picture!
I am OK now.



I cried a poem (modified for the contest described below this poem)

Last night I cried a poem,
in metered teary words that flowed,
into measured lines,
as the pain of my soul
in sorrow unabated,
and feelings that overwhelmed
the levees of self-control
and inundated my eyes and soul,
in waves, as billowing thoughts
crested, and curled, swelled and towered,
submerging me in immense fears,
and amidst this towering groundswell,
I cried, and my fears became my voice,
and my voice became words,
and the words a line,
and the lines began to flow,
pooling into this poem of tears,
as I cried last night,
And… I am OK now,
despite it all, I still love you.

Write a poem for contest Quote Prompt #3 – Likhitha
What you burnt, broke, and tore is still in my hands. I am the keeper of fragile things and I have kept of you what is indissoluble.”
– Anaïs Nin

This is your inspiration. Let it guide you.

1. Keep it limited to 30 lines.
2. No religious poems
3. Free verse, please.

I enjoy beautiful imagery and metaphors.

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