The Homecoming


In the dawn of my reawakening,

When in love you gaze at my face,

After my return from the distant place,

Where, human souls learn about loving.

While on my travels, I forgot your loving face,

And now, in wondrous awe, in your embrace,

The memories come flooding back resplendently,

Like spring returning from a dark winter.

In the stream of my life’s moments,

You pan the sands for nuggets of love.

I beg you, to look beyond my travelling robes,

Tattered by pride, greed, fear and prejudice.

A beggar I stand in your courtyard,

Like the many I passed by, in my hurryings,

Ignoring them, in my rush to be somewhere,

And, now it no longer matters, but here I stand,

Judged by my veiled thoughts and actions,

Make whole once more my fragile imperfections.


In the presence of your light,

Look beyond the lamp of my earthiness,

The burning flax of my humanness,

Stoked by the tallow of love,

Made from the selflessness of my soul,

In bright moments and occasional splutters.

As the dross of unforgivingness, once rose,

And, my fear darkened the days and nights,

Mine, and those of others, as we railed against it,

And sometimes we railed against the light,

For it shone in the darkness and laid bare,

That bright light of your burning love,

Bare the concupiscence for the flesh,

And, my conscience questioned my temerity,

Of the denegation of your goodness.

Look beyond this petulant recalcitrance,

Beyond the bonds and oaths made to progress,

In the desire to burn, brighter than others.


When together we gaze in my life’s mirror,

And, we walk the streets of the days of my life,

Be mindful of the times I thought of you,

When in the embrace of time and space,

I was in awe of the beauty of your beauty,

The times, I was enamored by your goodness,

That I wore as a garb on some days,

And, the times your light shone in my smiles,

And, your mercy was reflected in my deeds,

Like copper coins in a beggar’s bowl,

They may not amount to much.

 But, it is all I have, as I have fought,

Fought for my turn, fought for my place,

Fought to be loved and embraced,

Look beyond the anguished moments,

Of the need to be me, that robbed my trust in you,

And of your love and of the knowledge,

That you were the companion of my journey,

That you listened when I spoke,

But, I spoke so rarely, like an errant child,

Playing truant, I rarely wrote or called home,

For I was distracted like a child at the fair,

By the bright lights and shiny things.


If you must look at us, then we plead,

Look not at our hollow brokenness,

The plaintive pleas of our scant goodness,

But look beyond the brief existence,

Look beyond, back to the first moment,

The first moment of the day in Heaven,

When you saw us in your eternal love,

When you created us out of your goodness,

When as you sang the song of creation,

You sang us into your existence,

And in gratitude for being in your presence,

Filled with Love, we sang arias of praises to you.

Look then not at the tattered rags of our deeds,

Nor look at the days past, that like fallen leaves,

Are dry, molding, that serve to nourish,

The temporal existence that we leave behind.

If you must look at us then let it be,

With the first eyes of your love,

The first smile of your love,

So see us as you created us

And love us once more.



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