Contemplation on Kabir’s Doha



 Translation of Kabir’s Doha:

Looking at the mill in motion, Kabir’s lamp laments,
“That no evidence will remain twixt the dueling millstones.”

Deep in the core of my molten heart,
Past the mantle of my beliefs,
Where thoughts, feelings, experiences,
And, existence are ground down to flour,
And, laughter, blood, sweat, and the tears of being,
Mix with the flour of days, to form dough,
That are then shaped into words,
Words that like tans of a tangram,
Dovetail to form shaped words,
Deep with meaning, Profound in thought,
Words that encompass every gamut of being,
Every facet of human emotion in existence,
Apathy and Empathy, Hatred, and Acceptance,
Fear and love, Self-Love and Selflessness,
Selfishness and Greed, and Perfect Charity,
All these come together to form,
The facets on the face of a diamond,
That experienced a thousand cuts,
Of the grinding wheels in increments,
Some small, others large, shaping its destiny.
Then, when the jeweler views it in the light of love,
And sees the refraction of Love disperse,
Into countless beams of Love, Mercy and Hope,
He then puts down the tang and the loupe,
And, say’s “it is perfect as perfection.”