The Hope Mantra

On the stubble of scorched dreams
I will not dwell, nor with pining
look at the tombs of lost dreams.

I will not let fear haunt me,
Of all that is, could have been,
Nor rest on stoops of regret.

Their cobwebs clouding my mind
I clean, expel the past’s shame,
And spruce and heal my future.

Nor rest on yesteryear’s laurels
But be fearless today,
For faith promises me a win.

For today, I will plough and sow,
And in the furrows plant seeds,
For the fragrant tomorrows.

I will stand the wind’s buffets,
For in stone have I set my face,
And my sights on the road I travel.

I will not be drawn to dark places,
But drink deep from wisdom’s fountains,
That mark the milestones of time.

I am girded for success,
For today has promised me much,
I’ve set my hand on the plow.

With verve, I savor each moment,
Like a merchant, I look for pearls,
Each moment treasures my future.

The future in fragrances arises
as, cool dawn breeze from the east,
so, Faith and Hope inspire my soul.

So I plant the seeds of virtues,
As kindness, kindness yields,
and Love in color blankets fields.

I will not fear, for tomorrow,
For the author has written hope,
And described love in fine detail.

He has redeemed and ransomed me,
Before I knew I was lost, he found me,
And hiked me on his shoulders.

I ride on the shoulders of mercy,
In the strength of his compassion,
A sparrow, I rest in his secure comfort.

For who can bend a hair,
Of whom The Lord protects?
I rest in his comfort and strength.