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Be Love


Be the silver lining behind each cloud,
the bright moon on a cloudy night sky.
to the lonely, be the friend on life’s road,
Be their comforter, their joy, their delight.Hope is the poor man’s bread.
perhaps! You could be Hope’s dream baker,
Love unconditionally, grow in cherished kindness,
If you must grow, then grow to love more.Be one to many, and many to that one,
the shelter on sunny, stormy days,
be as consistent as the shining sun,
be the beacon that points to God, Always!

Whether by accident or design

we are here

Let’s make the most of it , my friend.

Make happiness our pursuit,

spread a little sunshine here and there.

Enjoy the flowers , the breeze ,

Rivers , sea and sky ,

Mountains and tall waving trees.

Greet the children passing by ,

Talk to the old folk . Be kind , my friend.

Hold on, in times of pain and strife

Until death comes , all is life.

AUTHOR : RUSKIN BOND  © 3 hours ago, Carlos Coelho    lovehopefriendship

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