Saved by Love

She said “he may not be much to look at,
but he is quite sharp,” was that a compliment?
or was that an insult?

An introverted gem, I’ve been cut many times,
by hardheaded diamond saws,
and abraded by dense carborundum wheels,
your love’s coolant that kept me whole,
prevented me from shattering in heated rage
to pieces, in the gemcutter’s hands.

When I lay on the earth midst the dirt,
I was picked and dropped for being too dull,
“looks like a striated lump of glass” they said,
“not worth anything maybe quartz,
or a piece of ancient glassware.”

Until one picked me and held me to the light,
taking me, he began working on me,
cleaving me by the phases of life,
bruting me, pitting me in school playgrounds,
until we were all somewhat rounded,
polishing the rough edges, and adding
facets, so that in the right light,
I became the poet’s delight,
with words that sparkled and shone,
their brilliance melted hearts,
caused minds to think, and some to swoon,
leading others to cry tears of joy,
as they related to my becoming,
in spite of the dire circumstances.

In this I am grateful, to the steady hands,
that guided me on the wheel of life,
who shaped me to become what I am,
a gem wanted and desired by all,
mounted on a ring in a crown of gold,
and given as a token of undying love.

I may not be much to look at,
but in the right light, my brilliance
turns hearts to covetousness and envy,
however, I belong to the light which animates me,
I magnify Love’s light into spectrums
of Love’s sevenfold blessings,
Love’s Goodness, Mercy and Charity,
shines through me with acute clarity.

Write a poem for contest Your not so green as you’re cabbage looking. – Red head 1
An old Yorkshire saying, I believe.

“Said upon discovering an individual is not as unintelligent as initially thought.” Urban dictionary.
Green meaning naive or foolish. Cabbage headed means slow witted, or stupid.

Write a poem inspired by that phrase. It can be any style , any length.
All usual AP rules apply.

Image Credit: © 11 days ago, Charles Coelho