States of Mind

States of Mind

In the emptiness and cacophony,

Of daily ensuances, nuanced feelings,

Hold court, in vacant conversations,

Of meaningless occupations,

Producing but empty livelihoods,

And hopeless barrenness.

Like Khamsins blowing hot air,

And sand that gets into everything,

Paralyzing life and stock,

Blotting out the sky and sunlight,

And Love and all things good,

With oppressive hatred,

Until barrenness becomes it,

And its emptiness becomes its emptiness.


Kindness roots beauty in the canopy,

Watered with Faith, Hope blooms,

Like flowers in cracked high walls,

Insurmountable, obstructive, coldness,

Stubborn, unresponsive to sunshine,

The diagnosis states, impossible,

Cannot change, Always cold,

Yet Kindness collects in its crevasses,

In layered years until a seed,

Makes it home and blossoms and blooms,

We marvel at limelit wall flowers,

And orchids that grow beautifully,

With so little love, tenderness and care,

Because its goodness possesses its goodness.



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