Love is song, Love is prayer


In the moment of this moment, I am in awe,
not for what I’ve seen, or  for what I saw,
for this moment to be, the author wrought,
the death of thousand stars, or so  I thought,
their dust  clustering  in  the coldness of space,
drawn into vortexes  of this galactic  place.

In the moment  of this moment , my heart‘s afire,
on and in love, not for what I see or for what transpires,
My soul knows your soul, but my eyes,
They’ve never seen you, they lie,
for my heart beats to the rhythm of your heart,
though, we have for aeons been apart.

In the moment of this moment,  the rose’s perfume,
rises from mingled goodness,  to bloom,
and from my hand to yours, be given in love,
an illustrious gift of perfection  from heaven above,
will shrivel and die, as all do in this earthly realm,
for we exist,  briefly  touching  time’s fleeting helm.

In the moment of this moment, you a star,
who,  though created here,  come  from afar,
a prayer, a loving  soul, the author writes your tale,
with journeys of love through mountains and vales.
Here you will mine love  in hearts of people you meet,
much love from the bitter and less from the sweet.

In the moment of this moment, in this house of care,
when love is all we have and, all our love we share,
when in God’s gathered presence we stand,
we sing a holy song with saints in that holy land,
in gratitude for God’s goodness and his lovng care,
we live life as a song, as well as a prayer.