Despair’s Monument to Love

Like Daniel I ‘ve been thrown in the pit,
lions prowl their den as silently I sit,
contemplating my soul’s dark night,
and praying for victory’s light.
In the clutches of the narcissist’s trap,
I lay my head in your comforting lap,
You assure me that all will be Okay,
our love will conquer all you say.
Strengthened, I awaken and do what is right,
I do not wallow in pity for my plight,
I read, I learn, I improve my state,
I leave the narcissists to their fate.
From the dark night I have learnt,
that no condition is permanent,
my poem is being written in love,
by the greatest poet from above.
By grace, love and determination,
I have built an enduring foundation,
I build a monument to Love watch it rise,
from despair’s ashes and touch the skies.