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Shortwave Radio



Passing classrooms, I hear snippets of teaching,
Like scanned channels on a short wave radio,
Static thoughts squelch and squeal,
Between meter bands as I pass door to door.
Hearing snippets while my heart searches,
The channel it wants to hear.
I hear of the lives of women, men and beasts,
I hear of deeds and achievements.
Algorithms, Recipes, and Sophisms,
To achieve a good and fruitful life,
With all the complementing doodads.
But my restless heart continues to tune,
Listening for the call signal,
Looking for a magic spot on the magic eye,
When the line turns thin and the station is, clear,
And loud, and the voice speaks of Love.
The love that gives purpose to people,
That causes them to rise and aid the needy,
And hands move to wipe away tears,
And hug and comfort the sorrowing.
Tuning to find the place where a face,
Does not represent a tribe or race,
Rather it sees a brother, sister, or friend.
I see through fish bowls and ceilings,
People in deep conversations and thought,
Some talk, share, worry and care,
Others, tear, undermine, gossip, and wear,
Down the souls of others and grind their joys,
With an abrasive socipathic hatred,
That rubs, laps and seeks to dull their souls.
Undeterred, they arise as brilliant paragons,
Tenaciously dispersing Love,
Broadcasting across the spectrum,
The Love and Mercy, Compassion and Empathy,
Of the one who gave our souls it’s form.





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Gye Nyame Meaning: "Except God" Symbol of the omnipotence and the omnipresence of God. (Fear no one, except God.) From the Akan of Ghana
Gye Nyame Meaning: “Except God” Symbol of the omnipotence and the omnipresence of God. (Fear no one, except God.) From the Akan of Ghana




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