Immersed in the sea of humanity,
Uniting with its heterogeneity,
Oscillating sinusoidally,
As it modulates alternately,
To the shocks and the strain of history.
In union, yet apart individually,
In amplitude with the causality,
Pulsing to the flux of eventuality,
Modulating our thinking to the gravity,
Of the commonality of our destiny.
Decisions stimulate the polarity,
The ebb and flow of propinquity,
While the sweeping disharmony,
Pulsates pain to all radially,
To souls, hearts and minds in unity.
Bound together by a laminarity,
Trapped in the recurring probability,
By actions that result in entropy.
Empathy drives our trajectory,
Into your Love’s singularity.
We discover in the sea of humanity,
The hedonistic casualties,
And your evidential existentiality,
In the Love, Compassion and Mercy,
That you give us unconditionally.
Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est!

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Gye Nyame  
Meaning: “Except God”
No one lives who saw its beginning and no one will live to see it’s end, except God. “
Symbol of the omnipotence and the omnipresence of God.
(Fear no one, except God.)
From the Akan of Ghana






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