Our daily bread

Give us this day our daily bread,
And bless our bread Adonai Eloheinu!,
May it be seasoned with our sweat,
And not the blood and tears of the poor,
Nor garnished with anguished cries,
That arise from parched throats,
Who as wisps before your throne,
Plead for justice lying prone.

For many are they that relish,
The pangs of tormented souls,
And wash in the sweat of the poor,
And as perfume wear their blood,
That acummulate, buy and gather,
The world and all it in it,
Drunk on heady vapors of victory,
They reel into a lethean eternity.

Let our bread be born in tilling,
Your fields and sowing compassion and love,
Planting seeds that produce goodness,
And growing the dreams of the unborn,
That they may awaken in love and peace,
To see the ampleness of your goodness,
And work to increase your love,
And nourish this world with your Love.


Be a Champion for the Poor



Gye Nyame  
Meaning: “Except God”
No one lives who saw its beginning and no one will live to see it’s end, except God. “
Symbol of the omnipotence and the omnipresence of God.
(Fear no one, except God.)
From the Akan of Ghana






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