Whisper her Silence

Whisper her Silence

Wrapped in sheer sheets,
of undisguised thoughts,
in naked silence, she stands,
while, love floods her life.

Then, moving the day curtain,
curious to see the world
that lies beyond, the hinged door,
she sees a future with promises galore.

Her eyes drink the beauty,
of the resplendent colors of day,
and vistas so beautiful,
they  tempt  her to stay.

Birds of immense beauty,
sing sweetly in the trees,
Nature’s aria floats lightly
when, Love fills the breeze.

Someday when she  faces,
Fear, Hatred, Selfishness and Greed,
Sorrow, Despair, Love and Joy,
Today’s Love will forever be her creed.

Author notes

A  honeymoon poem when everything is new beautiful and shiny.