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Our Song

Our Song

Within our souls,
The author wrote a name,
And in mind’s eye,
painted a portrait,
of our faces, and our smiles.

Then embedding a secret
of sweet harmonious notes,
which when combined,
would release the fragrance,
that would draw close our hearts.

Next, the author hid words of love,
that would dovetail our hearts,
so, when serendipity struck
the chords, on our heartstrings,
its music would make us one.

Like caged birds exiled,
Singing half notes to half songs,
we serendipitously come together,
and find ourselves in the other,
as we complete each other’s song.

Author notes

Poem Prompt

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They are in each other all along.”

© 2017, Charlie Bottle. All rights reserved. © 2009 All Rights Reserved

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