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Spring’s moments of Zen

Spring’s moments of Zen

From winter’s stupor,
Summer’s drunkards awaken,
as Spring blooms,
arising from a cold hard embrace,
bladed daffodils, hyacinths and tulips,
chalices of a thirsty earth, blossom
to drink the first mead,
and whisper sweet musky notes,
while cherry trees bloom,
to adorn crowns of barren trees,
and one sees the path the creator took,
as Nature hurriedly cloaks in green,
in coy shyness. Her wet shoulders,
and dark exposed bosoms,
drenched by spring showers,
and serenaded by myriads of refrains.

Author notes

Poem Prompt
when the east wind blows,
send me your perfume,
blossoms of the plume;
though your lord is absent,
forget not the spring.
by sugawara  michizane

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