Two Blessings for Each Trouble

“Come back to the place of safety, all you prisoners who still have hope! I promise this very day that I will repay two blessings for each of your troubles.”– Zechariah 9:12 (NLT)”

In the silence of this moment,
When the dew is fresh on the fallen leaf,
And men make cold words,
And colder steel their creed,
Wheeling and dealing in death,
They then make to greed a shrine.
Then they take words,
Etched in dunes of shifting sand,
As a revelation from above.
Words that impoverish the poor,
Enslave the orphan,
And steal from the widow,
While they rob the Earth of trees,
Depleting, desecrating, denuding,
Everything to sustain the beasts,
The beasts who demand sacrifices,
Tie-ins, Buy-ins, for high profits,
To appease the vesting interests,
The sheikhs of slavery.

© 2017, Charlie Bottle. All rights reserved. © 2009 All Rights Reserved

Author: Charlie Bottle

Charlie Bottle's passion is poetry. He has lived on three continents, speaks five languages and loves different cultures, people, music and food. He believes that "Poetry uses the economy of words to express the essence of our humanity." It is this magical use of brevity to express the profound that drew him to poetry. While his professional and personal life has pulled him in different directions, He continues in his discipleship of the craft and writes whenever the muse moves him. While English is his second language it is the language in which he lives, breathes, thinks and writes poetry.